Play Spot the Difference and Boost Your IQ and Observation Skills

Playing puzzle game is beneficial for brain growth of both you and your kids. And Spot the Difference is very innovative game made for people of all ages, not just for kids. This is completely entertaining game and it has got the new edge. In this platform, entertainment meets your observation skills. Apart from amusement, you can improve your skills while playing this game. Presented by Blazewave Entertainment, this application is simply innovative and is designed for Android users. Blaze Wave Entertainment is a most celebrated company engaged in Android and iOS app development. This application is compatible to all Android devices. Now you can take this game along and enjoy it everywhere.

spot-the-difference-winter-tales_img4.jpg (500×375)

This application has very intuitive and smooth gameplay. Both children and parents can play this amazing game. Indeed, this game is very amazing with easy-to-understand interface to increase keenness about the game. You need close observation and focus to play this game. Here you have to find the difference between a pair of similar images. These images are similar with very slight difference. Hence, you have to stay more focused when it comes to mark the differences out.

In case you tapped the wrong place, you will have to pay time penalty. This is time-based game and you have to finish the levels as fast as you can. The faster you finish the levels, the higher you can score. You may also spot some hidden objects for which you will get extra points. The game has remarkably high picture quality and it features several extra effects to make the gameplay more interactive. In this application, you will go through over 500 levels. All of these levels are very challenging and interesting for the players. You may take time from busy schedule and get entertained with this game that can boost your keenness and IQ. 

@ 01:55 PM on August 20